Like most kids I didn’t stop moving much, but I also didn’t stop when most people were getting comfortable at their office desks! I played rugby for 10 years in the UK and also competed in motocross racing for 3 years while at school. Leaving school I travelled and started snowboarding. This is what brought me to NZ when I followed the snow and worked on Coronet Peak in 2003. 

I stayed here for a few years and got into outrigger canoe racing in Auckland, competing in NZ and Australia at club and National levels. I qualified as a personal trainer in Australia in 2009 and worked for a year before moving to Rio de Janeiro where my wife is from. 

During 5 years in Rio, I got into CrossFit, competing in 2 opens, worked as a coach at a weightlifting / corrective exercise studio, got married and had 2 kids and most recently graduated as a physiotherapist, completing a 4 year degree in Portuguese.

I am passionate about movement and mobility (I also have a lot to work on, haha) and getting people to move more in their lives, not just for the hour that they are training if they lead an otherwise sedentary life. I have dabbled in capoeira, parkour, yoga and other forms of movement practice which I have melded in my mind to try to understand human movement, but CrossFit is what comes closest to blending all of these and apply them to real life.