Hi I’m Mischke! I discovered the world of crossfit after purchasing a daily online deal
for a month’s trial in December 2012 and have never looked back.
Throughout my life I have been into personal fitness with a focus on long distance
running and netball. I have competed nationally in both sports in South Africa. I
decided I needed a change from pounding the pavement every day and running up
and down a netball court and I am so glad that I found this.

I have since found a love of boxing for fitness. I have a passion for coaching boxing
and have enjoyed doing so for the last 7 years as an Advanced Boxing Instructor
with THUMP boxing. I am also qualified with a Bachelors in Sport and Recreation.
The thing about training others I enjoy most is helping people to see their potential
and assist them to achieve it. I will offer advice, opinions, and specific support to
anyone who seeks it, but I really enjoy guiding individuals to find their own solutions
and watching that ‘AH-HA!’ moment when everything clicks into place. Do not
underestimate me though because I do like to yell, a lot.  I think that we are all
athletes and everyone just needs to find the type of training that suits them. We all
work towards becoming the best that we can be and how you do that changes from
person to person. After taking up CrossFit Infinite Takapuna I have found that it
emulates that competitive pre-game nervous twitch like the final of a big sports game
or event like nothing else.

The people you will meet at our establishment are priceless! Feeling the whole gym
rally behind you while you’re sweating through a tough daily workout (WOD) is a
great feeling and I believe unique to CrossFit Infinite Takapuna. CrossFit is no fad
fitness program and is here to stay. Why else would CrossFit host an annual
competition and crown the Fittest Male and Female on Earth?

For those of you that have never done CrossFit and are scared, maybe a little
intimidated, don’t think you’re in good enough shape, whatever it is that is holding
you back, the only thing I can say is “just try it”. Each and every athlete at our gym
started in exactly the same frame of mind you are in right now.

Trust the coaches, the programming at CrossFit Infinite Takapuna and yourself that
you will actually have fun and like myself never look back.

I am passionate about fitness and get a kick out of helping people of all ages to
begin a healthier lifestyle. Don’t be scared or intimated to start this journey – every
little bit counts. Start slow and at your own pace, you are fully supported and
encouraged every step of the way.