What Our Members Think – Jacquie

Hi, my name is Jacquie and I am a CrossFit rookie. I’ve been reading a lot of CrossFit success stories lately, because I have come to love that kind of thing, but most of them turn out to have some kind of athletic background that gives them an advantage.

I didn’t start out 5 months ago with any kind of sporting or athletic background, in fact I felt like I was starting from less than zero because I’d been diagnosed with psoriatic
arthritis the year before and was struggling with a new regime of medications and blood tests.

I didn’t know a lot about CrossFit, but I knew I was at a point where something BIG had to change. I also knew that CrossFit Infinite in Takapuna ran FitMum classes and I could bring my toddler son along with me, which was a massive advantage over (some) conventional gyms.

After my first WOD I couldn’t walk properly or sit on the toilet for nearly four days! I wondered whether the concerns expressed by friends about things they’d heard about CrossFit were true, but I showed up again the week after and sure enough my body coped just a little bit better as I learned how to pace myself and scale the movements appropriately.

I’ve gone from thinking I’d maybe go once a week, to wanting to go all. the. time. As it is I go to four classes a week and work out at home when I can, and have been gathering up some PB’s(personal best) along the way, including my first competition coming up in a week and a half.

I still ache and I still hurt and I still deal with incredible fatigue every day, but not only has CrossFit Infinite Takapuna helped me lose over 7kg (over 20kg in total in the last year), it has helped me build up a base of strength that helps me cope with the pain better than I ever could. It has changed my approach to food and nutrition too, but that is probably a story for another day!

Last but not least CrossFit Infinite Takapuna Fitmum classes has brought me into a whole new community and supportive group of friends, who help push me through when I’m standing on the edge and my mind is screaming “YOU’RE WEAK! Why are you even doing this? You can stop now! Nobody cares!”